Pain & Inflammation


Helen S survived cancer twice but was left with fibromyalgia which got worse over the years. A few friends recently told her about our products. Reluctantly she tried Soul our flagship anti-inflammatory product, and noticed within a week she had more energy in the mornings and could now attempt getting out of bed before 10m. She even started walking the dog and feels so much better in herself. Helen’s quality of life has really improved and she is able to join more in the family activities.

Testimonial from Helen, Scotland (Feb 2019)

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Back Pain

In August 2016, my back went out and I was in excruciating pain. The only thing that helped was getting a steroid injection directly into my back and it took several days to give me relief. This time around when it happened, I was already aware of Soul and my contact said it is meant to be good as an anti-inflammatory so I thought to try it. I took 2 packets that day and went to bed. Next morning, I got out of bed and was halfway to the kitchen before it dawned on me that my back pain was so much less. So thankful for Soul!’

Testimonial from another happy customer in London (Feb 2019)

Pain & Inflammation