From same customer that wrote testimonial on Fibromyalgia

One thing I forgot to put in my testimonial (on relief from Fibromyalgia pain) is that the Soul supplement has dramatically improved my sleep. Since having the Fibromyalgia, my sleep patterns have been reduced to 2 to 3 hrs at a time and it’s been like that for the last 5 years. I used to sleep normally before that, usually 8/9 hrs a night, but if i don’t get enough sleep at night it really does effect my pain levels the next day, as well as my overall health mentally as well as physically. However since taking the Soul juice, as I call it, it has made a massive difference and I’m very happy to say I have just woken up from a wonderful 9 hour sleep and I feel so refreshed and recharged, a feeling I haven’t felt for quite some time. It’s very easy to take sleep time for granted, when you can sleep, but my word, when you’ve got insomnia I can’t tell you how much you miss it desperately and would give almost anything for a decent night sleep. As I said, it affects you in so many many ways like your energy levels, forgetfulness, mental clarity and confusion, increased pain, exhaustion and overall weakness all over your body, and that’s nothing to say how it effects you internally and what’s really going on inside your body. So I’m very happy that taking the Soul juice has made such an improvement in my life in that respect, very happy.

A very pleased customerWinchester