Anaemia and Chronic Fatigue

Sickle Cell patient – ‘I’m a 25 year old with sickle cell anaemia. It’s been a month now since I started on Soul. The feeling of relief I got was wonderful. I feel healthier and have more energy to take on more tasks than usual. Within a week of taking Soul, I could comfortably say that I have never felt better in my life. I feel amazing most of the time and I now have the energy to pursue my dreams.

Testimonial from London (January 2019)

Mrs U is an older woman living in London who approached us in February. She had had a fall in 2018 and was constantly in pain. Due to her now reduced mobility, she could no longer do her exercise walks and always felt lethargic. She was also unhappy that she could no longer go out and socialise with her friends and was mostly home bound. Her rapid decline in mobility and health was a concern to her family. Reluctantly, she tried our recommended products and felt better within 2 weeks, so much so she started going out again to visit family and friends.

Mrs U, North London (February 2019)