We are looking for partners from all over the world. Join us today and earn as you recommend our life changing products.

Earn 40% of customer orders as a Rain Partner

To register, Click 'JOIN NOW'/buy now/Share to Earn/change default country location, click next/choose your partnership package – the simplest level is the ‘Basic pack’ at $143, complete the registration process and pay. Please check referral code is 434349. We are pleased to welcome you as a Rain partner!

Host a Tea Party!

Host a tea party and invite your friends and family to attend. We will provide the tea - our award winning Iaso tea, have no worries about that. We will also bring samples of our products along. We will give a 30 minutes talk and then spend another 20 minutes answering any product related question you may have.

As our host, for every adult that you invite who attends the tea party, you will earn 10 bonus points. If you have 10 adults attending, that is 100 bonus points, worth £100! You can redeem your  points for any of the products in our online shop. The only thing we ask for is a minimum of  4 adults (yourself included) at the tea party.

At this tea party, there is no obligation for any of your invitees to buy any of our products or become our partner. We don't do hard sell. We prefer the testimonials from our Customers to do all the promotion we need. Visit our testimonial page if you have not done so already.

Here at Treatwithfood, we believe that wellness starts with ‘we’ – together we can live better. Illness starts with ‘I’. Anyone ill suffers the illness alone, no matter how much loved the person is. Let’s do this together! Send an email to treatwithfood@yahoo.com and register your interest to host a tea party.


Power of Recommendations & 'Word-of-mouth' Marketing

To earn with us is quite easy. You register as our partner and get given a registration number, also termed a Partner Number. Everyone you refer the company to who then registers giving your number as their ‘Sponsor’ becomes your partner or customer and you earn commissions from whatever purchase they make. Send an email to treatwithfood@yahoo.com if you're interested to find out what real people are earning per week.